Welcome To AVA’s Online Tutorial On Abuse

This is a self-paced tutorial on abuse for clergy, spiritual leaders and teachers. It was created by AVA (Advocacy for Victims of Abuse), a ministry of Women Ministries of the Evangelical Covenant Church. The purpose of this tutorial is to provide leaders with needed information on issues of domestic violence (also referred to as family violence) and childhood sexual assault. Given the prevalence of abuse, all faith leaders need basic knowledge about these two types of violence. This format permits you to gain this information at your convenience and at no cost to you. Read more about the AVA Online Tutorial

How to Use This Tutorial

This training is intended to serve as a one-time instruction as well as reference for future use. Like a dictionary, you do not have to read it all at once to get what you want from it. Once you have completed the tutorial lessons, you may return to them any time to refresh your knowledge.

AVA’s vision is to promote healthy families and safe sanctuaries in our Covenant churches. Your participation in this training will better equip you to realize this vision in your local church.

Learning Objectives

After completing this tutorial you will know:
  • What domestic violence and childhood sexual assault is
  • How to identify domestic violence and childhood sexual assault within your congregations
  • How to respond to incidents of domestic violence and childhood sexual assault
  • Prevention and intervention strategies
The tutorial has ten lessons and a glossary
  • Lessons 1 – 4: Domestic Violence
  • Lesson 5: Teen Dating Violence
  • Lessons 6 – 8: Childhood Sexual Assault
  • Lesson 9: Turning Roadblocks into Resources
  • Lesson 10: Reporting Requirements
  • Glossary