Learning Objectives

After completing this tutorial you will know:
  • What domestic violence and childhood sexual assault is
  • How to identify domestic violence and childhood sexual assault within your congregations
  • How to respond to incidents of domestic violence and childhood sexual assault
  • Prevention and intervention strategies
The tutorial has 10 lessons and a glossary
  • Lessons 1 – 4 Domestic Violence
  • Lesson 5 Teen Dating Violence
  • Lessons 6 – 8 Childhood Sexual Assault
  • Lesson 9 Turning Roadblocks into Resources
  • Lesson 10 Reporting Requirements
  • Glossary

Each lesson consists of text broken down into short topics, followed by a quiz. The “lesson quiz” is comprised of multiple choice questions. As you finish each quiz, you will see the results. After successfully completing a unit, you may proceed to the next. You can enter and leave the tutorial as your time permits and your progress will be stored for you. After completing the training, you will be able to return to any unit for review as need arises in your ministry.

Click here to begin Lesson 1. Read through the topic. At the end of the unit, take the quiz and view the results. Return to AVA Online Lessons for Lesson 2, and so on.