About the AVA Online Tutorial

AVA Online is a self-paced tutorial on abuse for clergy, spiritual leaders and teachers. It was created by AVA (Advocacy for Victims of Abuse), a ministry of Women Ministries of the Evangelical Covenant Church. The purpose of this tutorial is to provide leaders with needed information on issues of domestic violence (also referred to as family violence) and childhood sexual assault. Given the prevalence of abuse, all faith leaders need basic knowledge about these two types of violence. This format permits you to gain this information at your convenience and at no cost to you.

While the majority of the content is applicable for all leaders, the tutorial is particularly oriented to those serving within a faith community. It is intended to provide a thorough background in the issues of abuse from a Biblical perspective without entering into topics better suited for a professional counseling environment. For additional information about abuse and domestic violence, visit AVA’s website at CovChurch.org/abuse.

Most victims of domestic violence and childhood sexual assault are female but this does not mean that men are not battered or assaulted; in fact, they are. However, for purposes of this training, victims/survivors will most often be referred to as female.

The log in system uses information unique to the Evangelical Covenant Church and enables us to determine the scope of its use; however, others are provided an easy way to access the tutorial, as well.

A Word from the Department of the Ordered Ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church

In an effort to encourage vocational excellence for all those called and credentialed within the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC), the Department of the Ordered Ministry recommends this thorough and foundational resource. It is our hope and expectation that everyone holding a Covenant ministry credential will, in short order, complete this basic tutorial. For some this may be a review while for others it will contain new information; however, it should become a goal that our entire community has common working knowledge and language for responding to this pervasive problem. No resource can provide all the skill and information needed; therefore, we would expect any Covenant leader responding to this issue would not do so in a vacuum, but avail himself or herself of the wise counsel of knowledgeable peers. The Department of the Ordered Ministry is indebted to Women Ministries and to all of those serving in the AVA movement within the ECC for the work put into creating this resource.